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New Technology in Email Marketing: Open Mail Format

Mailigen Founder, Arturs Bernovskis, recently attended the first email marketing conference in Russia and Mailigen participated in a session discussing Open Mail Format (OMF) technology. OMF is an open standard for tagging email, the open standard displays information in mailboxes in a user-friendly way and allows webmasters and email managers to significantly increase the response rate. New technology delivering ROI – we like that.

Open Mail Format. Source:

OMF allows for notifications, such as social networking or invitations to be “tagged” so your email service providers can give users custom information based on the email content. Built on the idea of software that interprets the information encoded in the email, OMF’s open license can be used by any email service provider. This makes it ideal because it is simple to use this format and integrate the capability into email marketing platforms. As a message sender, you only need to provide the specific HTML tags. The OMF tag is discovered by the email service provider platform and it changes the email view, highlighting the key components of the message. As an example, you could create a tag to view the picture of a user who sent a social networking connection request, action links and text of the notification. The tags in the email allow the ESP to detect the message type and image type, and list for inclusion in the “preview”. The information is then shown in a list of emails in the inbox. Benefits of using OMF include:

  • Simple to use format for email managers
  • Email managers can work with newsletters, promotions, alerts and notifications in their email list
  • Increases the call to action response rates
  • Provides an easier view of email information for the subscriber
  • Automatically classifies messages and sorts them by marketing the important message content
  • Increases subscriber retention rates for web sites
  • Reduces the number of clicks a user needs to access a site

Take a look at examples

With any technology, there are some areas for improvement. OMF needs to be carefully applied by ESPs to ensure spam is appropriately managed.

Arturs was impressed with the new capability saying

Today when our inboxes are overcrowded with emails, we are looking for ways to speed up how people check email and make it more productive. Open Mail Format offers an easy-to-use format to check emails in one single step. No need to waste your precious time by opening each mail and guessing what’s inside. People will appreciate doing it with one clink, moreover, in a visually pleasant email format.

After spending some time with developers using OMF, we are very excited about the possibilities for our customers. For more information on OMF and the specifications, please visit

New Technology in Email Marketing: Open Mail Format
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