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Online Surveys for email marketing campaigns

Email Online Surveys

Nowadays, information is worth more than gold; the more information we acquire, the greater is our edge against the competitors, best tool for this is online surveys. In e-mail marketing, the most valuable information you can get, is information on your clients. In order to better the communication with your clients, it’s important to realize the needs and wants of your customers.

To discover what your clients think about you, you can, of course, address each client individually with the same questions. But what if there are hundreds, even thousands of clients? Surveying every client by hand would be utterly pointless; that’s why email surveys are necessary – to automate and simplify the process.

Online surveys incorporated in e-mail marketing software create both new opportunities and advantages against competitors, because, by sending carefully planned email surveys, you can acquire valuable information about your existing clients. You only need to spend time creating the survey itself; sending them out and storing the acquired data is automated. You could even say that, in such cases, the information about the client is only one click away.

The main advantages of e-mail surveys:

  • It is finally possible to acquire the much-needed feedback to accordingly evaluate your services and better them;
  • By using the stored data you can segment your lists and ensure that your future campaigns are more targeted;
  • Feedback is the one thing that can either set you ahead of your competitors, or at least even you out with them;
  • The voice of your clients can be crucial when making important decisions about your company.

These are just some advantages that surveys can bring; in different niches the advantages can vary a lot. Also, never forget that the online survey results can change depending on the weather; the market trends and other external factors. That’s why you should send email surveys out regularly to chosen segments. Information about such factors is very helpful, not only to try and adjust your campaign today, but also to have a better picture of what the future tells.

Of course, don’t forget to use email autoresponders for sending your online surveys, because the saved time is what really makes online surveys so very valuable for e-mail marketing campaigns.

Online Surveys for email marketing campaigns
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