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Online Surveys for Personal Communication in Emails

Online Surveys

Using online surveys is an effective way of gathering additional information about your customers and newsletter recipients in order to split your database into segments and send personalized emails to each of them. Use Mailigen’s online surveys to create personal communication with your target audience.

Include online surveys in your email campaigns

Online surveying is a great way to gather feedback from your customers and prospective customers, and to find out about their interests and expectations. Afterwards you can use this information to create effective communication by sending them relevant email content. Mailigen’s integrated marketing platform includes online surveys with full survey functionality. Mailigen clients are able to send online surveys with no additional costs and receive full statistics about email opens, recipient engagement and export survey results.

Integration of online surveys in your email campaigns is simple:

  • Include an online survey in your newsletter to get additional information about your users
  • Set up an email autoresponder with a link to your online survey to get feedback about your products or services
  • At the end of the survey, include a link to your sign-up form in order to enrich your email list with new contacts

In addition to email marketing, Mailigen also provides social media marketing integration.

You can easily integrate online surveys with your social media marketing strategy:

  • Post a link to your online survey in your social media profiles to get more recipients and responses
  • Include social media sharing buttons in your online survey to spread your survey among the friends of your users
  • Integrate an online survey in your company’s Facebook profile to reach the audience in social media

Segment according to online survey results

One of the most effective ways of using the information gathered through online surveys is segmenting your email list by the survey results in order to create relevant email campaigns for each target group. Mailigen’s online surveys offer automatic segmentation of your contact database. There are two ways by which you can perform segmentation based on survey results. Firstly, once the respondent has completed the survey, responses are added to the database and later can be used for creating segments. Secondly, you can create certain segments before the survey is published, and once the recipients have completed the survey, they are automatically added to the corresponding segments.

Setting automated segments in Mailigen is easy.
The total process can be divided into three steps:

1. Create a segment

If you already know your segmentation criteria, you can create new segments before publishing an online survey. If you don’t know them, you can create them after filling in the survey. You can also hold off segmentation until you have sent your next email marketing campaign.

Before creating a new segment, just make sure you have already made a table field for the values in your database. The table field will be used to create a new segment and will keep the survey responses. Then proceed with creating a segment or a survey.

2. Prepare an online survey

When preparing an online survey, make sure you mark the option that allows storing responses in the database. In the second step of creating a survey, you will find a field of additional options where you can click ‘Add reply to the database’.

Segmentation is available for the following question types: single answer, multiple answers and free responses. If you choose ‘one answer’ as a segmentation criterion, your grouping will be more accurate. By choosing multiple answers or free responses, you can only use one keyword appearing in the answers as a segmentation criterion.

3. Evaluate results

You can evaluate your online survey results by analyzing the created segments or by creating them according to certain criteria if not already created. Segmentation is done automatically and new values are added to each contact in the database. Now you can use these new values to select target groups.

Segmentation by online surveys results allows you to:

  • Split your database into segments by certain criteria and send relevant and personalized email content to each group
  • Reduce email marketing costs as now you don’t have to send email campaigns to the whole database but only to certain segments

Increase engagement for your online surveys

While saving on email marketing costs, invest more in benefits in order to motivate people to fill in your online survey. No matter how short and simple the survey is, you are asking people to spend their valuable time on your brand.

The bigger the engagement, the better the return:

  • After filling in the survey, reveal the survey results to your respondents
  • Give your respondents a discount or offer them a special gift for taking the survey
  • Provide an opportunity to be the lucky one who wins a great bonus because of filling in the survey

We at Mailigen also regularly send online surveys to our customers and newsletter subscribers to get feedback and improve their experience with Mailigen.

Our experience shows increased activity for our online surveys if offering additional benefits.

  • Discounted offers to each respondent of the survey have let us obtain the best quality data over the last two years
  • A lottery draw with a gift card to one of the recipients gave us the biggest number of responses this year
  • Several free tickets to the international integrated marketing conference led us to this year’s biggest viral campaign in social media

Get the maximum benefit from Mailigen online surveys

Mailigen’s online surveys offer full functionality and many additional surveying features:

  • Make use of numerous survey templates for the most common marketing cases
  • Create the survey design that best fits your company branding
  • Set up redirection to your webpage or other online resource after filling in the survey
  • Get the overall statistics and data about each respondent individually
  • Export survey results into PDF or XML format for your further usage

Personal communication is a milestone in today’s marketing. Sending online surveys is the fastest and the most convenient way to personally communicate via emails. Gain qualitative information about your customers and prospective customers in order to segment your database into groups and send relevant email content to each of them. Segmented email lists and targeted communication will lead you to time and money savings as well as bigger returns on invests.

If you have any question or need our help with Mailigen’s online surveys, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Online Surveys for Personal Communication in Emails
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