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Our Mailigen Family Has Expanded!

We are happy to announce our Mailigen team has some new additions, but we are not referring to employees, we are referring to children! This month, two of our outstanding programmers each welcomed a new family member into the world.

Juris, our key programmer, became the father of a healthy, baby boy. Juris has been part of our Mailigen team ever since we can remember. He is the main creator of the Mailigen system and thanks to him we continue to represent world class innovative marketing solutions. He is a very talented programmer and we are thankful he is part of our team! When he is not working hard on administering servers, upgrading systems and making sure all emails get sent out successfully, he enjoys fishing and traveling. We are not sure if his son will grow to become a programmer like his father, but we sure hope so!

Aleksanders is another important programmer on our Mailigen team who recently became the father of a beautiful, baby girl. Aleksanders is constantly surprising us with outstanding creations. In fact, he is the creator of our innovative Mailigen Drag’n’Drop editor. He has a great sense of humor and is a passionate musician. We are hoping his new baby girl will give him an extra motivational push to expand his musical creations!

Congratulations from our Mailigen team to both Juris and Aleksanders on their new family members!

Our Mailigen Family Has Expanded!
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