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E-mail marketing is not merely advertising

Direct – if not blatant – advertising has become a thing people associate with email marketing. You know, the e-mails that swarm in after you register at a site and forget to uncheck the box that says “send me regular

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Email Newsletter Response Rates

In the chart below you can see how B2B email newsletters perform against B2C newsletters in open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. Almost 1,500 marketers have provided their input in determining the numbers below, and they found that email

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The importance of the unsubscribe link

Never underestimate the unsubscribe link. Although it is what it is – in many cases a lost client – you can reinforce your way of thinking and make the most out of your unsubscribes. There are many different ways to

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Increase Email Deliverability

You’d be amazed if you saw the spam numbers of today. About 70 per cent of all e-mail sent is spam; furthermore, there are more than 14 billion unwanted email letters sent each day and spam generates annual losses of

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Highly Effective Email Marketing Tactics

In the chart below you can see how effective are different email marketing tactics rated by B2B and B2C marketers. Delivering content relevant to a segment – has been rated as the highest in terms of tactical effectiveness.

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Email List Targeting and Segmentation

List segmentation is nothing new for making your conversions easier and more frequent through targeted marketing. Email is relatively new, though, and now is the perfect time to use the extensive segmentation options that modern technologies provide. You should try

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