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Reach your target audience with dynamic email content

Without a doubt you have noticed the wide spread email marketing rule: the more targeted email content is, the more successful it is likely to be. One way you can reach your target audience is by creating segments based on specific criteria and preparing different campaigns with relevant information for each segment.

Dynamic email content can be sent automatically, saving time and increasing work productivity. Creating numerous campaigns is made easy by using the dynamic content feature.

How Does Dynamic Content Work?

Mailigen dynamic email content allows you to create multiple versions of content within one campaign. The process is simple, insert the code of dynamic content into the email specifying the content that will be displayed in each letter. After the campaign is sent, each subscriber will open and see different content according to pre-defined conditions.

What is the benefit? Conditional email content allows for you to connect with each subscriber individually with personalized content, increasing email response rates and building stronger relationships with subscribers. All of which requires minimal time and can be generated simply with the use of one template within one single campaign.

How to Insert Dynamic Content?

Mailigen allows you to add dynamic content to your email newsletter by clicking on the icon of dynamic content, you will open a window and will be asked to enter conditions and email content.

There are two types of conditions:

  • Condition according to a particular criteria
  • Condition when content is inserted when specific criteria is missing

Condition according to a particular criteria also includes two types of criteria:

  • Display dynamic content to a particular segment
  • Display dynamic content according to a selection criteria (of contact database)

After the addition of conditional content is approved, a code will be placed in the email which will sort content by relevancy. Conditional email content can also be formatted by highlighting required text.

Why Use Dynamic Email Content?

Dynamic email content comes from various customer attributes like name, company, email, subscription date, age, marital status and geographical location. You can also use information based on specific user preferences like online behavior, purchase history and web analytics.

By making your email more relevant and targeted with conditional content, you will raise interest, receive more click-throughs and increase retention rates. Generating more revenue and maximizing your marketing ROI.

Dynamic email content has extensive possibilities. Sign up for Mailigen, test drive how this function works and fulfill your marketing needs!

Reach your target audience with dynamic email content
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