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Recommend Mailigen and Get Rewarded

Use our freshly launched Double Loop Referral Program to recommend Mailigen email marketing services to your friends and get rewarded.

What is the Mailigen Double Loop Referral Program?

It’s something awesome for your marketing cost savings! Our Double Loop Referral Program allows you to share your love for Mailigen and get rewarded for it! You can send emails to your friends, share info on social networks or elsewhere and our referral program will track every referral you gain. You will get $35 for every referral and $35 will go to each of your friends who signs up for Mailigen. If you gather enough referrals, you can even use Mailigen for free!

How to earn bonuses

If you have signed up for Mailigen, our referral program is available in your Mailigen account. All you have to do is to log in to your account and go to Double Loop Referral Program. In your Double Loop Referral dashboard, you will find several options for how you can tell your friends about the Mailigen platform.

1. Copy the link

Use your customized link and send it to you friends or partners to get referrals quickly and easily.

2. Share on social media

Tell your friends about Mailigen on social networks and get a $4 bonus instantly for each individual shared link. To get this additional reward, you must share your customized reference link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or GooglePlus.

3. Send emails

Use our ready-to-send email content to let your friends know about Mailigen and gain referrals. You can send our well-prepared email directly from your Mailigen account or copy the email text and use it on your own.

Double Loop Referral Program email

Follow your performance

In your Double Loop Referral dashboard, you can easily follow statistics and measure your referral performance. In the performance chart, you can see the clicks and growth of bonuses you earn.

Afterwards, you will be able to use all the earned bonus credit as a discount or as a full payment for email marketing services.

Mailigen Double Loop Referral Program

How to recommend Mailigen?

Sharing you passion for Mailigen is simple. We have prepared links and emails, but all the rest is up to you. There are plenty of ways to recommend our services and get referrals:

  • Forward our ready-to-send email to your friends with whom you communicate daily
  • Use our prepared email as a basis for you email newsletter that you send to your subscribers
  • Include your customized link in your email correspondence with your partners
  • Place your customized link on your webpage or blog to gain referrals
  • Guide your visitors to the Mailigen sign-up form via a banner on your website or blog
  • Apart from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus, share the info about Mailigen on your preferred social media

Hope you find our referral program useful for you business and make full use of your loyalty bonus. If you have any questions about the Mailigen Double Loop Referral Program, contact us at any time!

Recommend Mailigen and Get Rewarded
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