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Segment Your Lists by Email Opens and Clicks

We at Mailigen have launched a new feature allowing email segmentation by opens and clicks. Now with our action based segmentation, you can perform even more targeted email marketing!

Email Segmentation is one of the greatest features that allows you to split the database into particular groups and send relevant content to each of them. Until now, you were able to segment your database only by fields of your contact list, for example, by name, email address or company. If you use online surveys, then responses are added to your database, and the response can also be used to segment contacts.

Now you can profit from our new feature to segment by action! Whether subscribers have opened your newsletter or clicked on links before or after a certain date, or within a set period of time – you can gather these contacts in separate groups and then send special campaigns.

How to create an action based segment?

Segmentation by opens and clicks is similar to our usual segmentation and is easy to perform

Log into your Mailigen account and go to the Contacts. Choose the section of Segments and click on Create Segment.

email segmentation

Select the contact list you want to segment, enter the name of the segment and choose a match type. Finally, filter contacts by your chosen criterion, for example, opened but not clicked in emails you’ve sent in the last month.

Here you can also specify the time when people have opened or clicked:

  • date range (from – to)
  • is (precise date)
  • is not (precise date)
  • is before
  • is after

When selection is made, save the new segment, and you are ready to send targeted campaigns.

How to use action based segments?

Segmentation by recipients’ action allows you to engage better with your audience.

Know who is opening your emails:

  • After sending an email campaign, select those who haven’t opened your newsletter. Change the subject line and send the letter one more time. This may increase your total open rate within the campaign.
  • If practicing email marketing for some time, take a look back and select those haven’t opened your emails for some months. Create a special reengagement campaign with an especially attractive subject line and try to interest inactive users in your activity. If still without success, it’s time to say goodbye in order to not affect your email deliverability in a negative way.

Know who is clicking on your links:

  • Select those who have opened your campaign but haven’t clicked on links. Here you will have to change not only the subject line but also the content and the call to action. Send the campaign one more time and grow total click-through rate.
  • If you notice you have a lot of subscribers who open regularly your newsletters but never click on links, you should think about more compelling calls to action!

If you like the idea of  email segmentation but you are not sure about how to get it done, contact our team, and we’ll be happy to build your strategy or manage campaigns.

Segment Your Lists by Email Opens and Clicks
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