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Sharing Our CeBIT 2013 Experience

Having returned from Hannover, Germany where the world’s leading high-tech event CeBIT 2013 was held, we are full of energy and inspiration to put into practice the freshest digital trends. As well, we are happy that more and more German and other European companies are willing to perform green marketing.

Our giveaway for CeBIT guests

This was our second time participating at the CeBIT exhibition; therefore, we presented two issues at once.

Green marketing

We went to Hannover to introduce European market with a new marketing concept. Saving 3 CeBIT-sized forests per year, we were presenting the green marketing concept. Mailigen’s integrated marketing platform corresponds to all green standards and includes only paperless marketing methods – email marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing. To save unnecessary use of paper and deforestation, we invited European marketers to save trees and choose green marketing methods like email marketing. And how about you? Are you practicing green marketing?

Free email marketing

CeBIT 2013 was our first public launch of Epic Free. Our new product allows users to grow their database to up to 5,000 subscribers and use email marketing for free, forever. Epic Free is basically focused on startups, business incubators, accelerators, small and medium businesses that are new to email marketing. If you are representing one of them, take a chance of our offer!

Our takeaway from CeBIT

CeBIT always surprises with technological wonders, as well as showcast upcoming tendencies. Being a smart marketer, follow these big trends and try to incorporate them into your business strategy.

Cloud solutions

Cloud computing was the main CeBIT theme last year. As we are more and more „living in a cloud”, this theme is continuing to be at the top also this year. Mailigen is a web-based solution, so cloud solutions should be already familiar to you. But why not think about other marketing components to bring in the cloud?

Customer relationship management

Nowadays businesses are looking for advanced CRM systems that run in the cloud and are easy to integrate with other platforms. We at Mailigen are also following the trend and very soon we will be able to announce our integration with the world’s No. 1 web-based customer relationship management application. Coming soon…

Big data

To cope with the fast growing amount of information, global statistics etc., companies are looking for new large data processing solutions. But even for smaller cases – today we cannot imagine our marketing activities without analyzing campaign statistics. Although Mailigen already enables exporting full statistics, we are continuously improving our statistics services, including SMS reports.

And of course we were happy to meet there our European clients, as well as those we met at CeBIT last year. Have you visited the exhibition? Share your stories with us on social media!

Sharing Our CeBIT 2013 Experience
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