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Shopify and Mailigen Talk to Each Other for E-commerce Solutions

Mailigen integration with Shopify

Today, e-commerce and email marketing go hand in hand. As a result, we have released a new extension with Shopify e-commerce platform. Mailigen integration with Shopify enables a two-way synchronization between your Mailigen email list and Shopify customer base, providing a highly personalized marketing experience.

Include Email Marketing in your E-commerce Strategy

Email marketing is a huge part of e-commerce! In fact, email is one of the main reasons for online spending, according to a report by AW Pro Tools. Moreover, the E-commerce Customer Acquisition Report shows that the lifetime value of customers acquired through email is 12% higher than the average. Impressive, is it not?

So, for a Shopify online store owner, it would be a shame for you not to take full advantage of email marketing while managing your e-commerce business. Email marketing for Shopify stores saves you time and resources. As your Mailigen and Shopify email lists are synchronized, you can use the same email strategy and send the same email campaigns. Prepare your email campaigns in the Mailigen system and send them to your Shopify customers.

Use Integration to Automate your Email Marketing

Mailigen integration with Shopify offers numerous benefits for your online business. Have a look at some of them!

#1 Integration with all Customer Base

Synch your Mailigen email list with all your Shopify customer list. This means you can send up-sell, cross-sell and other marketing emails in order to engage with your customers and increase sales.

#2 Automatic Synchronization Between both Platforms

Save time with extension. This provides an automatic synchronization between both platforms. When customers join your Shopify list, they are automatically added to the Mailigen list. All you have to do is select which Mailigen email list you want them to be added to.

#3 Two-way Synchronization Between both Platforms

Ease your list management with integration which offers two-way synchronization. When users subscribe or unsubscribe from your Shopify list, they are also added or removed from your Mailigen list, and vice versa.

#4 Integration with Google Analytics

Track your email marketing performance with Google Analytics. With Mailigen, you can tag your emails and all clicked links with a unique Google Analytics UTM tracking code. This measures your email performance directly through Google Analytics for your Shopify online store.

Perform Behavioral Targeting for Outstanding Communication

Behavioral email marketing is crucial for e-commerce. No, seriously, it is a must! If you want to receive more email opens, clicks, higher ROI and brand awareness, take into consideration your customers’ previous actions, needs, interests and any other information you have when sending email campaigns. Shopify email solutions will help you to do this!

“Behavioral emails and email autoresponders are hot topics right now. It is an important part of where email is heading. I would encourage marketers to think about their customers – stand in their shoes, consider what actions and behaviors they show,” says Tim Watson, member of the Direct Marketing Association and founder of Zettasphere.

Three Simple Steps to Start Right Now

Shopify email marketing integration is free of charge and fully automated to save your time and resources. Connect your Shopify store with Mailigen in three easy steps:

  • If you are new to Mailigen, start by signing up for a Mailigen email marketing account (30 day free trial)
  • Then, (or if you already have a Mailigen account) create a new list or select the list you want to sync your contacts with
  • Install Mailigen Sync to your Shopify store with a click and you are done!

We have made it as simple as possible – the extension requires no complex actions or programming knowledge. However, your personal account manager at Mailigen will be there to help you with Shopify email solutions and answer any of your questions.

More Integrations for Advanced Email Marketing

Use email marketing to make the most of your e-commerce business! Mailigen has turned into a full-service platform for e-business, offering wide range of integrations and solutions for e-commerce. Shopify integration extension with the Magento e-commerce platform creates highly personalized email campaigns for outstanding business results. For more information, please visit Mailigen Integrations page and check out the full integration list!

Shopify and Mailigen Talk to Each Other for E-commerce Solutions
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