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SMS Marketing Campaign Development

Have you already switched to a new email marketing strategy? Is your strategy more dynamic, more targeted, more mobile? If you haven’t, make room in your 2012 marketing plan for SMS marketing campaigns.

With the launch of our new Mailigen SMS feature, marketers can synch their email and SMS lists together to build one common communication strategy. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, it’s time to get started with your first SMS marketing campaign.

SMS List Building and Segmenting

List building

We have already highlighted some tips on how to build SMS lists in our previous article:

  • include a phone field in your web sign-up form
  • collect phone numbers via email newsletters
  • motivate them to join the list by offering benefits

Contact segmenting

Mailigen enables one list for both email and SMS contacts. If lists are synched, you can segment your new SMS contacts according your existing email list data. For example, already created email segments, results of email marketing campaigns, or internet surveys.

Message Development and Sending

Added value

SMS campaigns differ from email newsletters whose aim is usually to inform subscribers about the latest news. The briefness of SMS is more appropriate for special offers, reminders or alerts.
Add some catchy benefit in the message, like:

  • discount code
  • gift card code
  • announcement of competition
  • password for something
  • exclusive information

160 characters

Write as short and precisely as possible. Your aim is to grab attention and clearly indicate what the receiver can get from you, where to go, or what to do. It’s your call to action!

Remember 160 characters are the limit. If you use Unicode and write in language with accented characters, each letter will count as 2 characters.

P.S. Make sure you know your audience, and whether it’s okay if you use abbreviations or write latin letters without accents.

Include links

With the expansion of smartphones, you can include links in SMS. Guide them to mobile-friendly landing pages with additional information that can’t fit in 160 symbols. With Mailigen SMS, your added links will shorten automatically.

Follow Campaign Results

Don’t stop your mobile marketing efforts by pressing the ”Send” button. Analyzing SMS campaigns is as important as analyzing your email campaign results.


In email campaigns, the delivery rate and open rate differ a lot from each other. But in SMS campaigns it’s almost the same. Those who receive your SMS, will most likely open them. After the campaign you will be surprised about how high your open rate is!

Google Analytics

Mailigen enables tracking recipients’ activities with Google Analytics. Include the UTM code in the link and look at your campaign results in Google Analytics. You will see the traffic to your website via SMS links and the rate of conversions. After that it will be easy to calculate the ROI.


With Mailigen SMS campaigns, you have full click statistics. You will know exactly how many of those opened SMS responded to your call to action and clicked on the link. Then you can use those click statistics to segment your contact list and treat them differently with more targeted messages.


With these new tools and features, the richer your marketing strategy is. Just don’t rush in with trends just because they’re trends. When used, smart SMS campaigns can bring great engagement with your audience. Email is indispensable when we talk about communicating news, blogs, articles etc. But nothing can be more targeted than a small message sent directly to the right person at the right time and place.

Haven’t tried yet but want to get started? Our team is here to help you. Contact our consultant and boost engagement right now!

SMS Marketing Campaign Development
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