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The Six Key Rules not to be identified as SPAM

Unsolicited, unwanted, junk or spam email messages is the term used to describe email messages that customers don’t want.

Before sending an email to an existing or potential client you should understand clearly how to follow the Rules and not be identified as Spam by us or other email providers.

In-depth definition of SPAM you may as well find here on Wikipedia.
There are six basic email marketing previsions that you must follow in order for your e-mail marketing to be efficient and not to be identified as unsolicited commercial emails.

The Six Key Rules not to be identified as SPAM

  1. The email message can not contain misleading email header information.
  2. The email cannot contain misleading Title and Subject line.
  3. The email sender must be an existing return email address.
  4. All unsubscribed emails must be removed within 10 business days after unsubscribing.
  5. Any commercial email must have the company name and postal address of the sender.
  6. Unsolicited advertising messages must have a clear identification of being a commercial message and has clear notice for the recipient to unsubscribe from your recipient list.

Technical terms described in points 2, 4 and 5 are taking care of by Mailigen and are performed automatically, in this way e-mails correspond to all the technical criteria stated in the rule.

We, at Mailigen, are making sure that your e-mails which are sent from our system include automatic unsubscribe link as well as the name of your company and the address.

Your job, however, is to make sure that your e-mail contains valuable information for your client, and that it is not unsolicited electronic advertising thus you will make your recipient pleased with the content you have provided, which means that your e-mail won’t be declined yet the first time you send it.

Mailigen automatically purges your e-mail database from unsubscribed e-mails and dead e-mail addresses giving you detailed reports on that. The whole process is fully computerized and it doesn’t need your implication whatsoever.

In order to get more information about Mailigen’s SPAM policy, please read Mailigen’s Anti-Spam regulations or contact us at any time.

The Six Key Rules not to be identified as SPAM
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