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PHOTOS: Sporty Summer in the Mailigen Style

Mailigen sports

You know how dedicated we are to our jobs. But besides new feature development and email delivery, we are also quick and dynamic in other fields. Of course, it’s sports!

From games and marathons to canal regattas and waffle baking races – this was a great summer with plenty of sport activities we enjoyed together with our colleagues.

Gods win at Mailigen sports

Usually at the end of each summer we organize and participate in recreational sporting games. The event took place in a beautiful sports complex near the river. Disciplines included both traditional sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball, and also some non-traditional and funny relays. The team called “Gods” took the first place and got the main cup, but we were definitely all happy at the end.

The best start in the Canal Regatta

Each August we take part in a carnival style competition called the Canal Regatta. Our fearless team consisted of experienced Mailigen experts from the development department and our newcomers who were able to enjoy the sporting spirit of Mailigen for the first time. The guys were absolutely amazing and had the best start time!

As we’re always trying to get to know our customers better, we’d also like you to get to know us more closely…. and why not from another perspective? Maybe the next time we will not only invite you to email marketing breakfast but also to play darts at our office? Are you ready for a sporty challenge?

PHOTOS: Sporty Summer in the Mailigen Style
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