Segment Your Lists by Email Opens and Clicks

Segment Your Lists by Email Opens and  Clicks

We at Mailigen have launched a new feature allowing to segment contact lists by opens and clicks. Now with our action based segmentation you can perform even more targeted email marketing! Segmentation is one of the greatest features that allows

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Email Marketing for Group Buying Websites

For group buying or daily deal sites, email marketing is an irreplaceable relationship channel between your business and audience. The unique business model for daily deal sites requires publishing and sharing new content every day. The rapid pace of this emerging channel requires marketers plan for a rapid pace run with efficiencies that enable a reasonable price.

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Highly Effective Email Marketing Tactics

In the chart below you can see how effective are different email marketing tactics rated by B2B and B2C marketers. Delivering content relevant to a segment – has been rated as the highest in terms of tactical effectiveness.

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