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The Greenest Marketing on Earth – INFOGRAPHIC

Each year, email marketing saves a paper forest equivalent to the territory of Switzerland, the greenest country in the world. We have created an INFOGRAPHIC showing why email marketing is the greenest marketing channel on Earth.

Shocking statistics

In 2013, 182.9 billion emails were sent every day. If we consider one email newsletter being roughly equivalent to one A4 sheet of paper used for direct marketing, these are 182.9 billion A4 sheets of paper saved every day, which is equivalent to 21,948,877 trees or 14,632 hectares of forest. In one year, the area of saved forest is equivalent to the territory of Switzerland (41.285 square kilometers), the greenest country in the world. Amazing, isn’t it? These shocking statistics have pressed us into initiating a global movement for greener marketing methods.

Choose the greenest marketing

By sending email newsletters instead of printed ones, marketers are avoiding the unnecessary use of paper and not contributing to deforestation. You can build loyal long-term relationship with your audiences in the greenest possible way. We want to bridge the gap between being nature-friendly and being effective in terms of business. And guess what? We are going to plant a tree for every new client!

Be part of the green movement

We have launched a global campaign and have created an infographic to urge companies all over the world to choose green marketing methods: opt for emails instead of printed newsletters. We are inviting you to share our values and be part of the movement to save more leaves!

View the infographic HERE!

Save More Leaves

Spread the word and share the infographic! Thank you for choosing email marketing and making our planet greener!

The Greenest Marketing on Earth – INFOGRAPHIC
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