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The Top 5 Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Besides the obvious – email marketing is a lot cheaper than regular marketing – there are numerous benefits to e-mail marketing in comparison to other marketing methods. In this article, we’ll discuss these benefits to try and give you an idea of what’s it like to opt for an email marketing campaign.

1. Have measurable and adjustable campaigns.

With the newest software, e-mail marketing now provides you with data that other marketing forms could only dream about. E-mail marketing allows you to check the number of people that opened your emails (open-ups), how many of those then followed your links (clickthroughs), et cetera. This information allows you to adjust and alter your campaigns on the fly to achieve better results from the on-going campaign.

2. Safely build conversion momentum.

E-mail marketing is an easy tool to build selling momentum. By creating brand awareness and connecting with clients via e-mails about a to-be-released product, you can safely try and convert the already informed customers once the product is available. After receiving “buying signals”, such as visits generated from emails or requests for a trial if you’re selling services, you can be safe that your campaign isn’t intrusive and you can convert the subscribers.

3. Target only interested customers.

E-Mail marketing can be really tightly targeted, thus more effective, if executed properly. For example, you can target customers from a specific area via ZIP codes; a specific country; customers with specific interests and sort gender; age; previous purchases; et cetera. The choices are all but endless. Targeted marketing allows you to waste less emails and not lose existing subscribers by offering them merchandise irrelevant to their interests.

4. Gain feedback from your customers.

If visitors already have trust in your services, it is a good idea to survey them via emails. Through surveys, you can determine what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong; through feedback, you can also determine what product the clients want next and why. Gathering customer feedback is irreplaceable if you want to keep existing customers and grow your customer base.

5. Use interactive marketing.

Although customers seldom expect promotional videos and/or graphics in their e-mails, interactive marketing grabs the customer’s attention better than other advertising types, especially at the start of a campaign. You can even include games and quizzes in your e-mails. Interactive marketing is an innovative marketing method that can hype your campaign in an instant, if executed properly.

The Top 5 Benefits of E-Mail Marketing
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