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Things to Start, Stop and Keep Doing with Your Email Marketing

Things to start, stop and keep doing with your email marketing

Is your email marketing strategy not responsive enough to bring high conversions? Then, friends, it is not the mistake of this useful tool, but the lagging lies on your approach. Email marketing can still be an influential tool which can work wonders for you as before. However, you need a precise line of attack to make it result oriented.

It is true that these days there are many other ways available to make the communication between two parties more receptive, but email marketing can also play the same role in engaging your targeted customers.

So, if we look at the overall perspective, the emails are not dead, and the only thing needed is to frame them appropriately and send them to the real audiences. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss things to start, stop and keep doing with your email marketing.

Stop doing the following things in your email marketing campaigns:

  • Over bombarding with emails.
    Bombarding with too many emails is the common mistake which people do to market their products. Stop sending too many emails as it can force the subscriber to unsubscribe from your webpage. It usually irritates the client when they receive end number of mails from one single dealer. Try to keep the limit of 1-2 mails on daily basis, or choose the right days to send emails to your potential clients.
  • Buying email lists.
    Do not buy email list of those people who don’t know you. It may result in degrading your brand’s image and will result in drop in click through rates. If you have email marketing software, then you won’t be able to send emails to the list you have bought. These lists might have been used by others for other kinds of purposes and you won’t have any added advantage to your list even after paying for it.
  • Impatient approach.
    Don’t expect that each client will respond to you in the way you want. You need to have patience and formulate your tactic accordingly. Being impatient in your behaviour will result in having a negative impact on your relation with the client. Stop being exasperated if you do not get the expected reply as every buyer of your product will have own choices and preference to go for the product and services.
  • Showing off too much.
    Stop flaunting about your product and service in the emails. The information included in the email must be limited to the desired information needed by the client. If you try to overrate your product and bring down other’s product, then it could give a negative impression on the mind of the reader. So, it is always better to give the useful data in your email and do not show too many comparisons if not needed.
  • Getting too personal.
    Stop being too personal while preparing an email for your client. Personal touch must be there, but not to the extent that it starts irritating the client. Knowing about the tastes and choices is fine, but to over-involving yourself in their personal life is not suggested. So prepare your email in an engaging and clear way where your client understands the motive of that particular email.

Start doing the following things in your email marketing campaigns:

  • Personalize your mails up to a limit
    As we discussed that over personalising is not good, but yet a decent personal approach is also necessary to engage the customer in your product or service. Start addressing your client with “dear sir/madam” or their names or last names. Also do send emails from a personal account instead of “no reply” account. Personalization boosts engagement and gives the feel of getting involved with the real person.
  • Only target the potential audiences.
    Start targeting only those who want to hear from you and not those whose list you have bought or who have unsubscribed from your mailing list. The ones who are your loyal customers’ and potential buyers will definitely respond to your emails in a positive way. They are more likely to remain your long-term clients than the ones whose info you have imported from other sources. So, start targeting only those of whom you have expectations and those who trust you.
  • Start worrying about the causes of unsubscribing.
    If people are unsubscribing from your mailing list, then do try to find out the cause behind that. Start exploring the new ways through which you can gain the trust of lost clients and work accordingly. You must understand that your product cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, and you must be ready to accept it. But if you need a firm grip in the competitive market, then work on your flaws and boost the conversions.
  • Set an object before you send an email.
    Start setting an agenda before sending every email to your client. The framework of an email is very crucial as it decides whether it will have a prospering result or not. The correct methodology is mostly needed at the time preparing your email. Start designing your mails as per the different type of clients you have. Some might be interested only at the time of discounts running on your product and some might be interested in taking a decision without any discounts going on.
  • Identifying negative reactions.
    Start exploring and identifying the reasons as to why emails are having an off-putting reaction by the subscribers. Find out what your client wants and what all things you are lacking in your approach to impress upon your client. Is it your too much lengthy subject line or too many emails send too frequently? Try to find out the reasons of adverse feedbacks from your clients’ side and work towards them.

Keep doing all these following things in your email marketing campaigns:

Keep experimenting with your email designs

  • Keep experimenting with your email designs.
    Take help of different email marketing software available in the market which will help you in designing the exact subject matter as per your client’s needs. You have to keep experimenting with the different designs so as to make your emails interesting as well as engaging.
  • Keep learning new techniques for generating influential mails.
    Every now and then you will find something new coming up in the market and to remain in that same pace, you have to learn the new and fresh engaging techniques to influence your client’s behavior. The old style of sending long emails is obviously disliked by the modern day users, so it is better to design your emails in a short and informative way.
  • Target potential viewers at the right time and the right environment.
    Targeting your customers at the right time and in the right environment is a must If some important events are approaching like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or any other Holidays, do send them emails related to all the offers running on your products and services. People are generally in the mood to buy extra stuff on these occasions.
  • Try to keep things simple and understandable, but directive.
    This strategy needs to be constant at every point of time. Always keep your emails simple, clear and explicable at one glance. It must clearly focus on the subject matter along with the motive behind it. Too much detailing is not required in commercial mails. So try to keep your mail straightforward as well as instructive.
  • Keep digging the ways that work best on your clients.
    Never stop yourself from experimenting new ideas on your clients. Get suggestions from your clients as to what they need and how they need. Taking corrective measures as per the users’ needs is most required at the time of email marketing. If people stop opening your emails find out the best ways to make them open your mails and respond to them.

Email marketing can work wonders only if you are willing to put your 100%

It is hard to keep up the conversion rates through email marketing campaigns, but still you can make it work if done correctly. The competition is quite tough with this channel of marketing as dealers are adapting to the changes which are taking place in the market and framing their strategies therein. Email marketing is all about the right methodology towards your customers and the right subject to be delivered. If you keep up with the above-mentioned guidelines, then surely you will see a rise in your click through rates.

Hope you got the exact idea about the things to start, stop and keep doing with your email marketing.

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Jitendra Vaswani is a professional blogger, speaker, and an influential digital marketer. He is the founder of Internet Marketing blog & Product Founder  He has worked with leading companies like Zopper, Firstcry and Payoneer and helped them establish a formidable online reach.

Things to Start, Stop and Keep Doing with Your Email Marketing
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