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Top 9 Email Marketing Resources

The Internet is chock full of sites and blogs about email marketing. Staying on top of the latest trends by reading articles, blog posts and studying best practices is a crucial part of being a good marketer. You’re busy, so we thought we’d streamline the process for you a bit.

We made a Top 10 of the best Email Marketing Resources worth reading, adding to your bookmarks and subscribing to content. Happy reading!

1. Email Marketers Club –

This is the biggest discussion forum about email marketing topics. It’s the place where competitors become friends and advisers. Whatever the question, one of the 4,700 member marketers will definitely know the answer. The Club is created by Tamara Gielen, the author of the blog Be Relevant! – another valuable resource on email marketing.

Why we love Tamara?

We have always appreciated her motto “I read so you don’t have to”. Tamara surfs the web, selects the most important items and brings it to us in a user-friendly way. Just scroll through her weekly blog post and stay up-to-date.

2. The Email Guide –

Also called “email marketing search engine” where you can find all necessary information about email marketing issues. On this site we appreciate:

  • excellent examples of lightbox sign-up form emerging in front of the reader (you should also think about lightbox sign-up forms to gather your subscribers)
  • the simple structure of website making easy to find everything
  • the moment of reflection everybody goes through – am I a bee or a ninja? 🙂

What makes it stand out from the others?

No other email marketing website has its own radio show! Email Radio welcomes experts of online marketing industry and broadcasts live every week.

3. Email Expert –

The blog is created by email marketing expert Andrew Bonar, and here you can find the freshest news, press releases and blog posts of several email marketing gurus, tips and useful resources.

Why we recommend it?

We like the quality of materials and the possibility to create the content ourselves. Here you can submit your email news, upcoming events, advertisements and links. Of course, to make full use of the website you should register.

4. MarketingSherpa –

If you read our Mailigen blog regularly, you would notice MarketingSherpa as we often refer to their charts. MarketingSherpa is a research firm specializing in marketing trends, so the website outlines the most recent research results. Every year, it conducts wide research on email marketing and publishes it in their Email Marketing Benchmark. All charts and research results are described in detail in the MarketingSherpa blog. In addition to all that goodness, each year MarketingShepa organizes the world’s largest email marketing event Email Summit where marketers discover emerging trends and get acquainted with email marketing experts.

It’s worthy to note the lightbox sign-up form where you can choose whether to subscribe for weekly news or weekly charts or both. (This is a best practice example you can use in your email marketing activities). Also, check out the ShepaStore where you will find a rich library of books and online resources.

What is the most important?

Charts, tables, graphs and all the other visual evidence of deep and qualitative research making it the ideal place to do research for presentations, blogs and articles.

5. DMA Email Marketing Council Blog –

The blog of the Direct Marketing Association, based in London, where you will find the most important industry news.

Why add it to your bookmarks?

There are several of the world’s best marketing experts publishing regularly in their blog posts. A wide view point and new blog posts every 2-3 days.

6. Email Experience Council –

This cross company council is a project created by the Direct Marketing Association of US. The Council regularly organizes conferences, seminars and other events devoted to email marketing. One of the most popular is annual Email Evolution Conference.

Why is it worth it?

There is lots of useful information on email marketing. But the biggest benefit comes from the membership. Most of events, presentations, webinar recordings, whitepapers, case studies, reports and other resources are available for members only.

7. MarketingProfs –

MarketingProfs is like a portal to “everything marketers need”. A lot of articles, bloggers, blog posts, forum, ads, online store, research materials and more. Even a university with online trainings in the latest in marketing! Also the site is nice to look at with funny and attractive photos enriching the articles. If you want to go further than email marketing and get a broad overview of Internet marketing in general, MarketingProfs will be the right place.

Why is it so useful?

The section we’d like to stress the most is MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World where you can participate in online conferences for free. Don’t miss out the next conference about social media marketing, but you can also listen to previously recorded conferences about email marketing.

8. Clickz –

Similarly to MarketingProfs, Clickz offers information about different marketing topics. But there is also a special category only for email marketing issues. Email marketing blogs are written by well-known experts like Jeanne Jennings and Simms Jenkins.

Why is it always nice to visit?

A stream of email marketing blog posts updating every 2-3 days.

9. Email Stat Center –

The project is created by Simms Jenkins, the CEO of BrightWave Marketing and the author of the book The Truth About Email Marketing.

Why this site?

There are no superfluous headlines, slogans and photos. Just facts and statistics about email marketing that are divided into categories referring to the most important email elements. If you are looking for facts to refer to, this is the right place.

Mailigen Email Marketing Resources

Apart from these email marketing resources, we invite you to check our new Resource Center. As an email service provider, we think it’s part of our job to help teach and share best practices. Our new Resources Center offers Guides, Whitepapers, Datasheets, Planners and much more to take full control of your email marketing campaigns. The freshest one – Email Marketing Campaign Planning Guide – will help you to plan, produce, test, deliver and follow up your email marketing campaigns. We developed this guide for everyone, even if you are not an expert marketer.

Hope these email marketing resources will be useful for improving your email marketing performance. Subscribe to their newsletters, read articles, check blog posts, study the best practices and stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in email marketing.

Top 9 Email Marketing Resources
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    December 1, 2011 at 4:26 am

    These are very useful and need to know tips for everyone who plans using Internet marketing to promote his business.
    I and i say this from my own personal experience, think that email marketing is the marketing strategy that offers the biggest return for the initial investment. It is really easy to set up.
    All you need is a good email template to get your potential customers interested and an email database with opt-in email addresses that you can gather on your own.

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