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Top 10 opportunities offered by Mailigen online surveys

Mailigen Online Surveys

Online surveys are a very convenient way to poll your clients and contacts using small investments. Carrying out online surveys gives a chance not only to find out the opinion of a target audience about the quality of your products and services, but also get data that may help in segmenting respondents in groups based on survey answers; thereby, creating options for sending more appropriate e-mails.

So far, online survey services have offered technical solutions in creating surveys; however, after creating a survey, some questions emerge – in what way can we offer the survey to the target audience or clients and how can we analyze and publish the results? Therefore, additional solutions have to be found that stimulate filling and circulation of surveys and publication of results.

With Mailigen online surveys, there is no need to search for additional solutions. Mailigen ensures not only the bond between a survey and a client’s data base, but also provides with sending surveys and sending autoresponders, computerized synchronization of survey results with a client’s data base, and other great options. Therefore, in this article, we will look at top 10 options offered only by Mailigen marketing platform.

1. Include a survey in your monthly newsletters

Newsletters usually are a regular process, and each company often has its own newsletter sending strategy and frequency. As newsletters are sent regularly, this is a great way to get regular feedback from clients. All you have to do is to add a link of to previously created Mailigen online survey at the side of a newsletter or inside the newsletter text with added explanation line why it is necessary to complete the survey. This way, you can get regular feedback from your clients or newsletter subscribers. Of course, not everyone will complete the survey. However, by adding an extra value to the survey, for example, offering a discount or a chance to participate in a competition, you can create stronger motivation to complete a particular online survey.

2. Set up an auto-responder with a link to a survey to get responses from new subscribers or clients

Of course, subscription forms are not made to get detailed information or receive comments about the company or brand. Subscription forms need to be used only to get new subscribers. To get additional information about a new subscriber or client, an auto-responder may be sent some time after subscription. For example, one day after subscription, you send a computerized automated e-mail with a questionnaire about customer’s habits explaining that the information will be used to ensure more qualitative services. Furthermore, using opportunity of synchronizing survey results and e-mail data base, survey data can automatically be included in data base and later used for creating high qualitytargeted segments.

3. Improve efficiency by sending surveys only to concretetarget segments

Of course, one of Mailigen’s advantages in comparison with other online survey services is e-mail receivers’ data base bond with survey respondents’ data base. Basically, one common CRM (customer relationship management) system is used; therefore, survey data are used to create segments for e-mail marketing campaigns, but campaign results – to send as appropriate surveys to the respondents as possible. Such common CRM system guarantees high quality marketing campaigns and survey results because of common target audience segments used. Moreover, results allow making optimization of additional subscribers’ data base to create more appropriate segments.

4. Receive references after making a purchase

One of the best ways to get to know customer’s thoughts about your products or services is to send them a survey instantly after the purchase or to set up an auto-responder that will be sent a little bit later to have enough time for to try outtrying the service or product. Sending such surveys can be a good way to find out customer’s opinion that would help to improve the quality of your services.

Such opportunity is ensured by Mailigen API option. After making a purchase, the necessary query can be delivered with Mailigen API; as a result, an appropriate auto-responder letter can be sent or a customer can be added to a concrete segment.

5. Insert a link in your company’s website or spread it in social media

To receive regular feedback, a link to a survey can be inserted in company’s website and supplemented with motivating text to fill the form. An alternative way is spreading the link in social media. As information in social media can spread virus-like, it can be a good way not only to get responses for a survey, but also make people subscribe to company’s newsletter.

The above-mentioned opportunity is ensured by saving replies made by anonymous respondents, as well as by adding a subscription form at the end of the survey. One necessity is to create a competition, a discount or any other attractive offer, and a subscription form at the end of the survey can be a good way to get a new e-mail subscriber or even a client.

6. Add social “share” links to the survey

When sending an invitation to complete a survey, of course, it is possible to add social “share” links (Facebook, Twitter etc.), so the receiver could recommend the letter to his friends. Still, a better solution would be if these “share” links would not be used to recommend the sent letter, but to lead the visitors directly to the survey page. With Mailigen online surveys, it is possible. Also, this can be a good way to attract new survey respondents and new subscribers to company’s newsletters.

7. Mailigen survey inclusion in company’s website & Facebook profile

Basically, a survey link allows completing the survey in a site that is located on Mailigen server. Mailigen surveys, using embed code, are possible to include in company’s website and even in Facebook page (using Facebook iFrame application). It can be a good additional way how to adapt not only an appropriate design to the survey, but also address the homepage and Facebook visitors in a more convenient way.

8. Survey data segmentation

After sending a survey and evaluation of data, it is also important to create target audience groups according to those the data. When realizing selection process, it is possible to set up a data selection filter that agrees with concrete answers; in that way, the segments created during data selection process could later be used for sending more appropriate marketing campaigns.

9. Publication and exportation of survey data

After each completed survey, data can be published in exchange for a link, which allows viewing the results publicly. This site can be sent to the respondents in the next newsletters, communicated in company’s website or published in social media profiles.

At the same time, exportation of survey data offers additional options, for example, data selection before exportation. Such data selection allows exporting only a concrete target audience group according to the survey results, and in that way, it would relieve data processing.

10. Survey results’ synchronization with a contact data base

Survey results’ synchronization with a data base is an excellent way to carry out a computerizedautomatic segmentation. For example, when regularly receiving completed surveys, it would be great if answers would be instantly added to the respondent’s data base. Mailigen offers the above-mentioned option; survey responses will automatically be included in the receiver’s data base, as well as the respondent will be added to one of the segments according to survey responses. The process is completely computerizedautomatic, that means, when setting up the computerizedautomaticautomated segmentation system, there is no need to waste your time; you can just observe how target audience segments are created (more about Mailigen computerized segmentation with online surveys read in this article).


These are top 10 options provided by Mailigen marketing platform, and they can be realized for almost any objective or need. However, that does not mean these are the only options offered by Mailigen online surveys. In fact, there are plenty of other options, and all depends on the realized marketing campaign and its originality.

If you want to know more about all Mailigen online survey options – contact our consultant and we will gladly help you to create and publish your first survey and group your contact list if necessary!

Top 10 opportunities offered by Mailigen online surveys
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