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Top 5 Tactics to Grow Your Email Lists

Growing your email list is the first step of email marketing. But sometimes when we’ve been emailing for a while, we forget about the basics of great list building. Often we start to focus only on opens, clicks, and conversions. So from time to time it’s good to step back and make sure your email database is still being gathered both effectively and qualitatively.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 database boost tactics and how to use them in your email marketing strategy.

1. Registration during purchase

If you are running an e-commerce business, it’s easy to incorporate registration during the purchasing phase. In the purchase step where customers have to type their email address, include a checkbox inviting them to subscribe for email newsletters.

If you are not an online business, you can collect new subscribers. During the payment step or when filling in the guarantee voucher, invite your customers to leave their email address for email up-dates.

Grab customers’ attention when they are happy about their new purchases, if you do they will most likely be enthusiastic about signing up for your email newsletters.

If that’s not enough, here are some key phrases that will motivate to subscribe:

  • receiving discounts and other extra bonuses for future purchases
  • special after-sales service and support
  • receiving a client or loyalty card for free
  • offer the possibility to be the first to receive the new products

According to the MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 93% of marketers admit sign-up for news during purchase as effective, and the majority of email marketers say it is even very effective. You are wasting an opportunity if you are not doing this!

2. Online events

Almost the same number of respondents (91%) admit online events are one of the most effective methods to grow email lists.

Online events like webinars, online conferences, workshops, and others become more and more popular and virtual seats are reserved even months before. This waiting period is a perfect opportunity to establish relationships with your target audience.

Key phrases that will motivate them join your email list:

  • receiving regular updates about the event, lectors, themes, etc.
  • following closed online discussion about the event
  • handing in questions before the event
  • fee discount or discount for the next event

3. Website registration for free options

As the third most effective list building technique, marketers say signing up for news when registering for so many free options.

1. Often, subscribing for news is obligatory to get free options, such as downloading e-books or PDF resources.

In this case, there is no need for any extra bonus to make people sign up. However, you have to be very careful and be sure the subscriber who is interested in an e-book will also be interested in the newsletter content you are going to send. Otherwise you will have a new subscriber without any engagement potential. Remember that email list quality is more important than quantity.

2. The second way is to sign up for news when registering, for example, on portals, forums or social networks.

The key words that will motivate potential subscribers to receive emails:

  • for broad channels of information, provide the option to sign up for a specific and segmented information
  • offer the possibility to receive summaries, results and comments of experts

4. Paid search

According to the research, 86% marketers are sure PPC campaigns bring excellent results in growing email list. It means that people search for specific keywords, find your paid ad and are guided to the landing page offering the possibility to join your list. This audience is really targeted as they are already interested in the topic. So it’s extremely easy to convert them to subscribers.

Just a small motivator and they are on your list:

  • regular information about the topic people were searching for
  • unique and exclusive extra information
  • discount or other bonus, making purchase of the product

5. Offline events

Who said email marketing (that undoubtedly is an online issue) can’t be started offline? If you have a store or you communicate with your clients in person, invite them to sign up for email news. Use paper questionnaires or the new popular trend, iPads.

Places and events where you can use them:

  • shops, supermarkets, shopping areas
  • markets, fairs, expositions, showrooms
  • conferences, seminaries, webinars, workshops
  • presentations, openings, degustation
  • round-table discussions, press conferences, etc.

Other effective tactics

These are only some tactics marketers have found fruitful to grow their databases. In Addition to them, there are many others mentioned in the MarketingSherpa research, such as:

The efficiency fully depends on your industry and business profile. Do you run online of offline business, do you organize events or have a blog? Choose the best solution for you and focus on the quality, not on the quantity.

If you need consultation on the most appropriate tactic to grow your email list, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. And feel free to share this information with your friends on social media!

Top 5 Tactics to Grow Your Email Lists
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