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Transactional emails — personalization in email marketing

transactional email

We would like to offer you our new solution for transactional email. With the new Mailigen product Leadersend, all of your welcome emails, order confirmations and other correspondence will perform an informative and a proprietary function, as well as a sales function.

What is a transactional email?

All emails automatically generated by your system to respond to any visitor activity on your site are called transactional emails. These emails are sent to individuals, who have or have not done something or for whom someone has decided to do something. Subscription confirmations, purchase receipts, social media news are just a small part of the most popular transactional email. Most probably, you have already received a confirmation from Mailigen about the registration of your account, which is a transactional email, too.

How do they differ from mass mailing?

Many companies use transactional emails, as well as a mass mailing for advertising purposes. What is the difference? Marketing emails are more sales-oriented, and one message is sent to a large number of recipients, but transactional emails are a part of your service, and a customized email is sent to each addressee.

Unfortunately, this is the reason, why they are not considered so important. Marketing correspondence is thoroughly drafted, formatted and customized, but transactional emails are not only boring and badly formatted, but also quickly forgotten. To bring these emails to the forefront, our new service Leadersend has taken on to show what transactional email are really capable of.

When one would need this kind of email?

We have already mentioned some activities, after which transactional email could be sent, though such correspondence can be exchanged in very many situations:

      • Welcome emails after registration
      • Repeat confirmations of subscription
      • Order confirmations
      • Basket not checked out
      • Stopped viewing
      • Purchase receipts
      • Dispatch notifications
      • Invitations to leave feedback
      • Subscription cancellation emails
      • Thank you notes
      • Account statements
      • Password recovery
      • Personal profile updates
      • Invitations to log in via social media
      • Social medial updates

… and many others. We are so used to transactional or trigger emails that we barely notice them, which is a huge mistake for a salesperson.

Why are transactional emails so important?

Transactional emails or real-time emails are often opened and gather many clicks, and the response level is usually higher than in case of marketing messages, as the former are sent to respond to specific customers’ choices. According to an email marketing survey, carried out by research company MarketingSherpa, welcome emails are opened most often — in 63% of cases, followed by thank you notes — 54% and other transactional messages like invoices and receipts — 48%. Thus, these should be treated as seriously or even more seriously than mass advertising.

Still, many of them are not written or controlled by the Sales, but by the IT. Thus, their design and style could be significantly improved to include corporate identity and values, great design and a customized message.

This is one of the most underrated marketing opportunities. As a marketer, you understand that a transactional email should possess the following features: be well drafted and extremely customized, and carry the company identity like logo or other elements of your brand. Just by incorporating some design, you will make the readers see them in a new light.

What makes those emails deliver higher sales volumes?

The purpose of transactional emails is to provide detailed information. However, most marketers include just the basic data. Still, these emails can also help you deliver a marketing message, for example:

        • Promote your brand
        • Sell more and for more, when you offer updated versions of your product
        • Sell several products, when you offer complementary products
        • Make offers to promote your products
        • Ask about preferences, provide additional information
        • Ask about feedback re your products and services
        • Promote contacts with your sales team, etc.

Still, you should always remember that these emails are primarily transactional emails. Most space should be allocated to information, and only 20% to sales.

How can Mailigen help?

Some of you already use CMS systems to send your emails. But if you would like to take professional care of your customers, machine-generated messages will not help. According to ReturnPath, approximately 20% of  emails never reach their addressee.

Mailigen has launched a new service for the management of transactional emails called Leaders end that ensures:

          • Exceptionally efficient delivery of emails in just a few seconds
          • Detailed statistics about openings, clicks and other interest shown by your customers
          • Easy to use HTML templates

With Leader send you will be able to create your own by including the elements of your brand and additional sales information, as well as receive detailed reports about the results of your emails, which cannot be ensured by your CMS. Find out how you can use a CRM to track sales opportunities.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Transactional emails — personalization in email marketing
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