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Use Digioh to Send Large Files via Mailigen

Digioh integration with Mailigen

Try out our new integration with Digioh to send large files via Mailigen! Discover how to send files in email marketing campaigns, track downloads and capture new leads.

Now sending files in email marketing campaigns is easier than ever. Email file sending with Digioh allows you to send large files from 10MB to 2GB to your subscribers within seconds. Moreover, you don’t need any special technical skills to use this integration, nor do you have to write a code or use FTP. Digioh stores and delivers your files directly from the cloud.

With Digioh email marketing integration you can not only send large files in emails but also track who is downloading your files, control who is allowed to access your files and get new leads and subscribers with your online resources.

Track your downloads

Digioh provides awesome reports on who has downloaded your file, when and how many times. With Digioh email marketing integration, you’ll get both:

  • real-time download notifications
  • a complete history of all downloads

If you know how many people you are actually reaching and who your most active users are, you can plan a more effective further email marketing strategy to get the most from your Mailigen email marketing campaigns.

Control the access to your files

Digioh verifies every recipient identity in order to control who is allowed to access and download your files. Email file sending with Digioh ensures that your files are available only to the intended recipients. Try out Digioh security features:

  • List Grower Security allows non-existing members of your Mailigen list to download your file in one click by asking them to register for your Mailigen list first
  • Membership Security ensures that only existing members of your Mailigen list will be allowed to download your file, and if non-members try to access your file, they will be sent to a ‘no-access’ landing page

With Digioh email marketing integration, you can also take full control of:

  • The number of allowed downloads and expiration date of email file downloading
  • The customized landing page where you can change texts, designs or add your own HTML design

Capture new leads

You can use Digioh email marketing integration not only to communicate with your existing audience but also capture new leads:

  • Use your Digioh download link and post it on your website, blog, social media site or elsewhere to share your files
  • If your file gets posted online or forwarded and non-members try to access your file, Digioh will ask them to subscribe to your Mailigen email list before email file downloading
  • You can also put a lightbox sign up form on your website for non-members to fill out in order to download your file and get on your email list

Therefore you can capture new subscribers and grow your email list.

Now you know how to send files in email marketing campaigns. Sounds great but need some help to get started with this integration? Feel free to contact us and check out other Mailigen integrations which can facilitate your marketing activities.

Use Digioh to Send Large Files via Mailigen
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  • Rishi

    Mailigen is awesome! Thanks so much for integrating with us. Excited for all the possibilities 🙂

  • Yes, we are really excited about this integration. I hope our user will this integration very useful. If anybody has question just drop it in the comments

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