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Use PadiAct Integration to Grow Your Email List

Why not give our new integration with PadiAct a try in order to increase your subscribers and leads? Mailigen’s integration with PadiAct will grow your email list via targeted sign-up forms on your website.

Focus on engaged visitors

Mailigen integration with PadiAct allows you to optimize the collection of email subscribers by using behavioral sign-up forms based on targeting criteria. You can select from more than 20 targeting rules and set up the necessary ones.

Some of the triggers include:

  • web pages previously visited
  • number of items clicked
  • time spent on a website
  • the first visit of a website

and many other criteria that will make a sign-up form appear to your visitors.

Different triggers may cause different sign-up forms. Define a clear message for each subscription form including the most important aspect of your setup.

Use features for more engagement

The main features of PadiAct integration include a custom lightbox sign-up form based on triggered criteria, an A/B split test for sign-up forms and integration with Google Analytics to get precise reports. Use these features to get more engagement from your potential customers.

Lightbox sign-up forms

Make use of PadiAct lightbox sign-up forms:

  • trigger the appearance of your lightbox sign-up form by certain criteria
  • customize your sign-up form by changing the design and position on your website
  • synchronize your sign-up form with your Mailigen account, so every new contact is automatically added to your Mailigen list
  • set up single or double opt-in subscription
  • get statistics on how many have subscribed, how many times the sign-up form has showed up, etc.

PadiAct integration

A/B split test for sign-up forms

Test your lightbox sign-up forms to find out what works the best for you. PadiAct allows you to test:

  • the time when the form appears
  • the design and placing on a website
  • the content of the form
  • the call to action of the form

PadiAct integration with Mailigen

Integration with Google Analytics

Link your lightbox sign-up form with your Google Analytics account to get precise reports on conversion rate. Find out from which sources people come to your website and subscribe to your newsletters. All you have to do is insert the PadiAct embed code into the header of your website just before the Google Analytics code.

Get started with PadiAct

PadiAct integration with Mailigen is easy to set up. If you already have a Mailigen account, just follow these few steps to set up a sign-up form.

  • Register a PadiAct account.
  • Create an API key in your Mailigen account.
  • Enter the API key and connect it with your Mailigen account via PadiAct.
  • Set up targeting criteria and create the design of your sign-up form.
  • Place the JavaScript code in your website just before the Google Analytics code.
  • Link your sign-up form with the Google Analytics account to track conversions.
  • Now you can grow your email list using behavioral sign-up forms.

PadiAct integration is an easy and effective way of engaging with a precise target audience. Don’t let your potential subscribers slip away! We encourage you to try out the PadiAct and other Mailigen integrations and increase your subscriber list immediately. If you need any help to get started, please contact our team.

Use PadiAct Integration to Grow Your Email List
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