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Christmas Warm-Up #1: Organize Your Christmas Decorations and Subscribers Lists

Christmas is almost here – isn’t it exciting? Just as you want to hear kind wishes and receive lovely presents, your subscribers will expect extra valuable emails this Holiday season. To help you prepare and send successful Holiday email campaigns, we will publish a series of four Christmas Warm-Up articles with practical advice for the festive season and beyond. We would like to show you new ways to get more leads and grow revenue while strengthening the bond with your audience.

Are you ready for the best news? To make Christmas Warm-Up even more joyful, we will prepare a gift for you every week! This week’s surprise will let you gift wrap your campaigns and fill them with valuable content turning them into the best Christmas gift for your subscribers! Find the surprise under the article!

Week #1: Organize Your Christmas Decorations and Subscribers Lists

Every year before Christmas I find the box where I keep Christmas tree decorations, colorful lights, gift bags and other festive knickknacks. Then it’s time to sort them, check if all the lights are working and if some decorations aren’t broken or terribly outdated. I guess a similar ritual exists in your home?

When it comes to your Holiday e-mail marketing efforts, you have to do a similar “audit” of your subscribers lists. Dedicate time to go through your database and delete the subscribers who haven’t opened any of your emails during the past year. Remember – it is better to create a shorter list with an engaged audience than keep a long list of subscribers, who will not open your campaigns and lower the deliverability of your emails.

If you have the opposite problem and your subscribers list is too short, here are some tips for growing it:

  • Registration during purchase. For e-commerce stores this is easy – just add a checkbox “I want to sign up for the newsletter.” You can offer a discount or a free bonus but try to avoid situations when people subscribe only to get the freebie – because they can unsubscribe right after getting it. It is better to position your newsletter as a means of receiving regular benefits and being the first to see special offers.
  • Make pop-up signup forms. Pop-ups are still among the most effective means for attracting attention. You can have a different pop-up in every website section and segment your audience according to where they subscribed (source). Tip: show popups only when people have been on the page for a while.
  • Include HTML signup form on your Facebook page. Then organize a social media campaign, inviting people to subscribe in a convenient way. Think about using paid advertising to reach a bigger audience.
  • Keep your signup form short. Nobody wants to fill endless surveys, revealing too much personal information. Ask yourself – what is the minimum that you should know about your audience? Name and email should be enough – you can find out other facts later, via surveys. Think of your email communication as building a long-term relationship – first tell about yourself and only then ask information from the client.

Would you give the same gift to everybody?

So why send the same email to all your subscribers? Be smarter – analyze your audience and segment it!

First, separate active and inactive contacts, and communicate with the engaged audience more often. Concentrate on your leads that open and click the emails but do not convert.
Second, create segments that are based on purchase behavior and history – e.g. send an attractive offer to clients who bought your product or service last year.
Third, remove those contacts who already bought your product or service this year. Nobody likes to receive a better offer for the same purchase.
You can also send follow-up campaigns to subscribers who abandoned their virtual shopping carts. Read our next Christmas Warm-Up blog article to discover ideas for personalizing the content of your email campaigns.

Your loyal Christmas elves are out there!

A list of loyal subscribers who want to open your emails is the foundation of every successful email marketing strategy. You too have your ideal target audience – you just have to find it! When it is done, you have to deliver your part of the deal – send content that you promised in the subscription stage and do not bombard your clients with too many emails.

Unfortunately, there are no universal email marketing guidelines that would fit every business and target audience. We hope that our First Christmas Warm-Up Surprise will help you choose the right time and content for your campaigns. Get your “Mailigen Holiday Email Marketing Checklist” and tick the boxes as you go through these easy steps of creating merry email marketing campaigns!

P.S. Don’t miss next week’s Christmas Warm-Up article! We will give you some content tips that would melt the heart of the iciest Snow Man!

Christmas Warm-Up #1: Organize Your Christmas Decorations and Subscribers Lists
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