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Christmas Warm-Up #3: Gift Wrap Your Email Marketing Campaigns! 3 Best-Selling Designs

Have you ever received a gift that is packaged so nicely that you feel sorry to unwrap it? After you have taken care of valuable content for your email campaigns, create an attractive and compelling template design, strengthening the emotional connection with your customers. In this article, we will share some great email marketing case studies and email template design tips that have proven to boost conversions.

Christmas is the best time to be creative and sprinkle holiday spirit all over your email marketing campaigns! First, choose the most suitable email template from Mailigen gallery. Then adjust it to your message in order to reach your campaign goals.

Bear in mind these email template rules that every reindeer should know:

  • The recommended text and image ratio is 50:50 or 60:40. This is important because anti-spam algorithms check if the email contains any text. Also, many email browsers block images, so the main idea has to be instantly clear even if the main visuals are blocked.
  • Increasing numbers of people check email in their smartphone or tablet so make sure your template looks great on mobile. One-column templates are usually the optimal choice for all mobile devices.
  • It highly recommended to A/B split test different parameters of your campaigns. Testing significantly increases conversions, because it helps you choose the content, subject line, sending time and other parameters that perform best with your target audience.
  • Your greeting doesn’t have to be limited to the email. For example, you can add an attractive button inviting subscribers to watch the greeting video on your homepage.

Large Hero Shot + Short Text

Latest trends indicate that people are attracted to large and inspiring images paired with a clear CTA. For example, this design motivates to take concrete action and focuses on generating conversions:

The main image shows a gift box – a reference to Christmas. We can see a great example of concise content with a title, few explanatory sentences and a clear stimulus on the button. If the subscriber wants to find out more before clicking, there are two short statements in the lower part of the template. Leave longer product descriptions or purchase instructions for the landing page or homepage.

Showcase Products in an Attractive Way

In e-commerce, having one central message isn’t always enough when you have to demonstrate a selection of your best products. This campaign does it in an interactive way – using GIF format.

This is another good example of an email campaign that urges us to act with a clear CTA. People scan emails instead of reading them, therefore, a layout with minimum text is highly recommended. This is an excellent example of delivering the main message and appealing to the customer in one sentence/question.

Remember: Not all email browsers accept GIF format, for example, Outlook desktop application will only show the first shot of the animation. When creating your GIF campaigns, include all the most important information in the first frame so that the central idea is clear to those who cannot see all the animation due to technical restrictions. Read more about the pros and cons of using GIFs.

The Inverted Pyramid

Santa has a trick up his sleeve – and he wants to share it with you! This email campaign also shows good email marketing practice with a short message and a pronounced Call to action. But there is something special about this layout – an inverted pyramid that naturally leads the viewer to the CTA button. This method significantly increases the click-through rate, and it can be used in emails as well as landing pages. Also, the top of the Christmas tree points to the CTA button directing all attention to the desired action (We have marked it with a red line).

Can You Fit Down the Chimney?

It would be a shame if Santa got stuck in the chimney and your beautiful gifts would never make it to the Christmas tree. It would be equally sad if your wonderful Christmas campaigns were trapped by the spam filter only because they’re too big. Don’t forget that email size plays a considerable role in email deliverability. Mailigen system gives you full control by showing your email size once you finish your template. “Lighter” emails will also load faster – it is especially important for those subscribers who open emails in mobile devices.

It turns out that not all Santa’s elves are good at gift wrapping. Also, you don’t have to be a professional designer to send brilliant campaigns. We have prepared new beautiful and responsive Christmas design templates, so you have one thing less to worry about before Holidays! Also, you can read our guest blog post Decoding the Anatomy of a Stellar Email Newsletter Design or order an email template designed specially for you.

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Christmas Warm-Up #3: Gift Wrap Your Email Marketing Campaigns! 3 Best-Selling Designs
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