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Webinar Recap: Email & Social Media Productivity Hacks with Mailigen & Sendible [video]

Email & Social Media Productivity Hacks with Mailigen & Sendible

On March 8 Mailigen and Sendible presented an exclusive webinar about growing productivity on email and social platforms. For those of you who missed the webinar – or would like to go through the main points once more – we have prepared a summary and video from the webinar.

Janis Rose, Mailigen founder and CEO, spoke about email hacks – optimization, automation and engagement.

Three main hacks that can help any company become more productive:


When it comes to email marketing, you cannot “set it and forget it” because different aspects of it always have to be improved. You cannot create one impressive campaign and expect the best results. First, you have to establish your goal, then engage with your customers, measure, analyze your data and learn from all this process in order to do it better next time. If you follow this, your campaigns will be more strategic and deliver better results.


“By 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human.”

Source: Gartner Research

This means that your customers will make almost all decisions without contacting your sales or customer support team. Due to this every company has to think about implementing automation solutions and making customer lifecycle marketing the top business priority. Mailigen’s new automation platform lets you set various triggers, delays, and behavior based IF conditions.

Email Workflow Blueprints are another hack that can help you grow your productivity while building automation series. Mailigen lets you easily create several campaign types, like Welcome series and Education series.


Setting a goal for an email campaign is critical to its success, because “If you don’t measure, you cannot scale.” Three main email marketing metrics are Opens, Clicks & Unsubscribes. There are many useful hacks for improving and easily restructuring your emails. In short – you have to be relevant and personal. Remember that it’s YOU personally who is addressing your customers, not a robot. Use personal stories to engage your audience.
Always keep in mind WHO you are talking to, not only WHAT you are saying. One very efficient way to do this is to develop Buyer personas. When creating content, consider the needs of each persona and their sentiment along every single step of their customer journey and influence that sentiment with an email.

Other important takeaways:

  • It is important to have your passion, but knowing your purpose is essential.
  • No company can be an expert at everything they do. It is much more productive to use various tools that can help you with your marketing activities. Rather be an expert in one thing and then find other hacks that can help you.
  • A wise marketer’s primary focus should be on the whole customer lifecycle rather than a single sale.
  • “People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves”. Samuel Hulick

Luke Knight, Sendible Partner Manager, presented social media productivity hacks.

It is very important to target buyer personas in your social media activities. Knowing their Needs and Priority as well as their Success Factors is crucial in crafting quality content for your Social media. Context helps to personalize your sales and marketing conversations.

It is important to follow the Buyer’s journey and spot the right moment when to post or tweet in order to nurture your leads. Make sure your message on social media is consistent – especially when you are talking to your customers in the long-term.

The importance of automation and monitoring cannot be exaggerated. Marketing automation is the key for many productivity hacks.

Other practical tips include creating content libraries on Dropbox or Google Drive to facilitate the work with your clients. Tools like these help to collaborate with your audience and give them access to get involved in marketing activities.

Using influencers helps you to free up your time and get your content shared. Sendible offers tools like Influencer finder that let you search for influencers by location or topic.

All social marketers should be data-driven. Sendible shows you the geographic location of the people who are following you and helps you craft better-targeted messages.

Other very practical hacks include:

  • Scheduling posts when on vacation.
  • Creating a strict schedule and content calendar.
  • Using evergreen content.
  • Localizing your social media.
  • Using downtime as uptime.
  • Becoming more productive by monitoring.

Luke Knight shared many content type suggestions – you can see all of them in the webinar recording below.

If you’re looking for more tips, watch the full webinar video here:

Sendible and Mailigen Webinar Video from Mailigen on Vimeo.

Webinar Recap: Email & Social Media Productivity Hacks with Mailigen & Sendible
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