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When And How Often To Send Emails

best time to send email

There has been a lot of debate about when and how often do marketers have to send email newsletters. Although this is all but inconclusive for companies with international clients, there are certain patterns that should interest anyone who’s sending out emails and wants to achieve the best results from an email marketing campaign.

Stick to Schedule

It doesn’t really matter how often you send emails, as long as you stick to a schedule. Even if the content isn’t top-notch, the users will often suffice with what you send as long as you send it every time without fail. It is important to let the user know how often will he/she receive emails right from the start (“subscribe to our weekly newsletter”); furthermore, it is important to notify the user that you, if at all, will also send promotional offers (“and receive promotional offers that might interest you”).

Right Time

We have the how often down, but what time of the day do you have to send the mails? This is quite tough; at first you have the international subscribers, but a quick look at your analytic stats will enlighten you about the time zone you’re on. And then there are the subscribers which are with their own schedules, their own office times, and their own away from keyboard times.

If your subscribers are business people, it’s easy – email them during work hours on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Mondays are busy and the subscribers will likely have other email to work with; Friday mornings work, too, but for the most part the business people are mourning on how it is Friday and they still have a lot of work left, or, if they don’t have any, they just won’t read your email and it will be gone by Monday. If your subscribers are direct customers, email them on Fridays to Sundays, as your offers are more likely to be reviewed and thought through when the subscribers have free time.

Remember: by staying true to your schedule, you’ll stay true to the customers. And as a side note, if you feel you don’t have the time to make a weekly newsletter, opt for a bi-weekly one or even a monthly one, because if you take the time to create a truly unique and interesting newsletter, your subscribers will be full with anticipation, as opposed to boring weekly newsletters that were finished at the last second.

When And How Often To Send Emails
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