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Why and How to Resubscribe Your Email Contacts

Let’s face it, every mailing list in the world is infested with inactive subscribers. We’re talking about those people who, every time you send out an email campaign, just delete your email without ever looking at its contents. Is it a curse of the inactive subscriber? That is why you would need to know how to resubscribe your email contacts. 

Is this for real?

This is no false alarm, not according to who estimate that half the average mailing list is made up of inactive subscribers.

What can you do?

Is there an answer to this problem? Yes, a quick and blunt option is to just scrub your mailing list clean of all those who haven’t opened or clicked any of your content for the last six months. But while this might well result in a reduction in the number of inactive subscribers you might also be throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

The answer?

A resubscribe campaign is when you ask your subscribers if they wish to remain on your mailing list. Here’s when you should use this option:

  • A lot of your subscribers haven’t opened and/or clicked your campaigns for the last six months.
  • You haven’t sent out any email campaigns for a while and now wish to do so. Long ignored subscribers will need to be asked for their opt-in to your mailing list.
  • When using old database files and offline contacts.
  • Any situation where you feel uncertain about the mailing list and the subscribers’ willingness to receive marketing emails from your organization.

Mailigen offers this service and much more for the discerning marketer.

Why should you bother with a resubscribe campaign?

Here are a couple of very good reasons why you need to learn how to resubscribe your email contacts:

  • You’re sending out messages that are never opened by people who don’t want to know about your brand. You’re wasting resources and skewing your performance statistics. How can you accurately know if your email marketing campaign is working if, for example, 50% of the list never responds? In time it could be that 100% of the list won’t respond. What kind of impact will that have on you, your employer or your client?
  • Your sender reputation is lowered by non-activity or low engagement from your users. Such webmail providers like Gmail are using engagement data to decide if they should deliver your emails to inbox or spam folder. So if 50% are inactive readers, Gmail thinks your message is not important and moves it to the junk file.
  • You might just end up being branded a spammer. Not a pleasant experience nor one devoid of possible penalties. If you’re really unlucky, your active subscribers might end up never receiving your email marketing messages because they’re left to languish in spam folders all over the internet.
  • You might, just might, kindle the flame of interest in your brand once more. The jaded, bored and preoccupied may see your resubscribe campaign and be inspired to sign up and become, once more, an active subscriber and, who knows, even a paying client.

What should a resubscribe campaign look like?

1. It should have a simple and straightforward call to action.

how to resubscribe to email

2. Encourage to stay with us or leave.

Symphon resubscribe email

3. Use a simple approach to the design of the email itself and utilize little in the way of text.

Ford resubscribe email

4. Give the reader a reason or offer some form of benefit to the resubscriber.

Crocs resubcribe email

5. Offer an easily accessible and very obvious unsubscribe link.

 how to resubscribe your email contacts


It’s not the size of your mailing list that counts but list quality. Accept that you will lose some subscribers and concentrate on your active subscribers, and their needs, to ensure you retain their interest. That is the route to a better ROI.

Why and How to Resubscribe Your Email Contacts
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