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Working with email lists (part 1)

There’s constantly growing number of companies right now which are using effectively the global network as their marketing tool. Market is constantly supplemented with e-mail address list dealers thus making the demand of these lists increase fast.

There are many ways to create an e-mail address list without assistance.

One way is to offer client a constant valuable content, for instance – an informative e-mail newssheet. The other way to collect e-mail addresses is by using database of your own company. Even if you do not have a website of your own it shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to develop and supplement e-mail address lists. By making these steps you will ensure the quality of your e-mail address list which, in its turn, will make your future e-mail marketing campaigns be more efficient in opposition to the case if you would rent the lists from an e-mail marketing service company.

Opt-in is a term which describes the ways people turn up in your contact list. There are people who have:

a) Registered on a website or by using any other type of electronic or paper registration. For example, when participating in a lottery, he/she is given an option to fill in a form in which his/her e-mail also has to be specified.

b) Marked a preference (digitally or in any other way) which offers to receive an additional information or offerings.

The last action (b) is essential, because you get a desired permission even prior to sending your first e-mail message. Without these conditions your e-mail is considered to be spam or an unwanted e-mail message. Make sure you have the receiver’s permission before you add him/her to your e-mail address list.

Another important thing that has to be bared in mind is that you have to be sure that a potential receiver of your e-mails will be adequate to the niche of business that you represent. If this goes out of hand, prepare to spend a lot more time afterwards to deal with this issue.

It is wrong to assume that a quantity is a quality in terms of lists of e-mail addressees. It is so because the bigger your list grows, the higher the risk of their quality insufficiency.

This phenomenon is widely known as GIGO (Garbage In/Garbage Out) and it may lead to an undesirable consequences.

In case everything is done properly then catalog dealers and retailers will surely be more efficient as they will reach the right auditory which means, you got it all right!

Hi-tech and professional service companies that are using high quality technologies, avoid obtaining contacts of little value so that no extra time or recourses are spent.

Working with email lists (part 1)
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